Problem with new Build

Hi ppl im have just made a new rig but im have some issues and dont know why.

CPU: COREi7 920 @ Default
PSU:Corsair TX850W*
MB: Gigabyte EX58 Extreme
HD: 3 HD / Hitachi160GB - Maxtor320GB - 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda
Drives: 2 DVD RW
Case: CoolerMaster Haf932
Audio: Auzentech X-Fi Forte

*this two were the last to be upgraded my last 2 pices of hardware were a 9800GTX+ Black Edition and a Corsair TX650W

My first issue is my computer freezes everytime my graphic card reaches 83ºC/86ºC and the newer was that im getting a error from nvidia

Nv4_disp display driver has stopped working normally.

Dont know why it only happened when i was trying to play Lineage 2 and i spend my afternoon playing Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress 2 and nothing happened.

i just formatted my computer today with win xp and installed the new drivers from nvidia the 186.18.

And my last issue is that i cant get 12+V right as you can see im getting this ....

And in bios is nothing of 12+v only 5+v

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  1. Do a stress test and leave it running for several hours in loop.

    Something that will test the whole system, maybe 3d mark or such.

    Also check to make sure that the heatsink on your videocard is sitting properly
  2. It might be your RAM, i got failing display drivers like yours and it turned out to be those drivers being on a faulty DRAM chip while playing games and thus gave crashes. The GTX 295's heat issue is fairly normal as it is an utter beast of a card. Download Rivatuner and manually set the fan speed on the card (it auto sets at, and never budges from, 40%). Upping it to about 70% will help your temps.

    As messer said, run some stress tests, also run memtest for the RAM if you feel that could be the issue.
  3. Since your last change was to a GTX295, and your problem happens when the card gets hot, I would suspect the card first.

    To eliminate other possibilities, run two tests:
    1) Run memtest86+ for at least a full pass. You should get NO errors.
    2) Run prime95 with the rounding chesking option on. Run it long enough to get your cpu up to it's maximum temperature. There should be no errors.

    These should eliminate the non vga card part of the system as part of the problem.

    VGA cards run hot, and they are designed to do so. Your temperatures are probably ok normally.
    To see if better case cooling can help, open up the side of the case and direct a house fan at the innards.

    You might want to prepare to RMA the GTX295.
  4. i made memtest86 make 3 pass no errors and prime95 for 3 hours and no problem.

    my case has 1 up fac with 120mm one on the back of 120mm one in front of 140 mm and on the side on of 230mm so i think its enough cooling.
  5. Just because speedfan and HWMonitor report your 12V wrong does not mean anything. You can't depend on any software or even your BIOS to be accurate there.

    memtest will tell you if your RAM has physical problems, but it might not detect RAM that is not set up correctly. Use CPU-Z to check this, and check in the BIOS to make sure the RAM voltage is set correctly.

    The GTX 295 is the most suspect part though.
  6. My rams are well placed and the timmings and voltage are like its indicated by the manufacter.

    The strange thing its that it randomly happends, so when im playing randomly it blackouts my 2 screens and come back to life.

    And with lineage 2 was the only problem that happend of showing the error but with games like teamfortress 2 and crysis when the blackout happends it just come back and go to the desktop wiling that something stoped but i can go an play whithout closing the game. this blackout thingys with the particular games only happend with windows 7.

    Lineage 2 was tested on windows xp when that thingy happend and got no colors and things like that and it was logical that the driver stopped so its normal that the colors got pissed .

    Should i rma my graphic card? if i should i dont know how to tell them this if my seller is going to test it they will not see anything happend.
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