Does SATA external hard drive works with ide

My IDE hard drive is going to die. I want to buy a SATA external hard drive to connect to my computer for back up. I understand that it is connected through USB so there is no problem with compatibility.
What happens when my hard drive dies? Can I still use the SATA external as my hard drive?

Thank you
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  1. Only if your PC can boot from USB, but it would be much slower than SATA. In addition to the external hard disk, you should also buy a replacement IDE disk if your motherboard doesn't have a SATA connector (it's rather old if it doesn't).
  2. I bought already the SATA Hard drive external.
    How do I know if the computer can boot from USB?

    How can I transfer all the programs and files to the new one so when the old one die I can still work from the new one

    Thank you
  3. Check the BIOS. If the PC can boot from USB, you should be able to add the external disk to the bootable device list (as long as it's connected and powered on). To boot from it, you'll have to install the OS, etc. You could also try to image the IDE disk, but good luck making it work.

    Using an external hard disk to save important files or complete system backups makes a lot of sense, but using it as a boot disk isn't a good solution. Why not replace the IDE disk while you still can image it? You could make a complete system backup and then restore to the new IDE drive. If it works, then you know that your backup soklution works properly.
  4. Thank you very much
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