What mic will work with Gigabyte GA-EP35-DSL?

I bought a very cheap mic for skype and it does not work well. It is too quiet. It is a 600ohm dynamic.

Does anyone know if the board can take a condensing mike? There are no details in the the manual as to the required range and type of mic that will work with the board. Will it work with any mic?
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  1. I use a cheap Plantronics that, unfortunately, NewEgg no longer caries - I believe it was under $15, and resembles this one:
    Plantronics specializes in high-quality industrial and office-oriented telephone and comms headsets - all their stuff is 'mahvelus!'
  2. Thank you. The reason I ask is because I was looking at a condensing mic on ebay and they say make sure a condensing mic will work on my computer. I looked in the manual and there is nothing there about frequency, ohms, wattage etc.
  3. We don't get actual specifications for actual parts anymore, as, well, no one anymore can actually read them! I recently had a discussion with the pimply salesguy at Radio Shack about them having forgotten what business they're in - I went for a lousy 'wall-wort', a DC transformer for a wireless headset transmitter that had a plug for one, but didn't come with one, and promised to 'eat' AA batteries at a prodigious rate (neww 55" Vizio for elderly parents, and my dad's going substantially deaf - driving us nuts with the TV volume up at stratospheric levels :cry: - didn't want to burden anyone with knowing how to turn stuff on and off...). Anyways, was looking for one I had bought several of: switchable for various voltages, and had every plug adapter known to man - were about nine bucks last time I bought a few, and would cover anything (damned thing wanted four and a half volts...); they no longer had those, nor the entire line they were from - now, they had one adjustable one for twenty dollars, and it came with your choice of one adapter, but you had to know which one, offhand! Bought the damned thing anyway, and a couple microswitches that weren't exactly what I wanted, but were all they had... Couple days later, visited Scientific Surplus (and, if you have one nearby, it's a great place to spend an entire day, wandering around, looking at miscellaneous crap, and laughing at the bizarre labels), and found the original one I had always bought, for ten bucks, with all the adapters, and a pair of the exact microswitches I was looking for, for a buck a piece, instead of four or five! Took the RS stuff back, and talked with him about the fact that they can't compete selling consumer electronics against BestBuy, much less WalMart, but have decimated their stocking of actual electronic bits and pieces, leaving that market to DigiKey; however - that market has nearly vanished, as there appear to only be six people left in the country who stock up on 555's because they're just so damned handy, and know what to do with a TTL logic chip! I could just cry for the days of my KayPro Z80 - when, for six dollars and some postage, I had the actual board schematic - and went happily to work with a soldering iron, 'piggybacking' a second chip on top of the FDD decoder chip, to double the frequency, and the storage capacity!
  4. I agree things are in a mess. Everybody have become box shifters or so expensive it is better to bin the item. Some items have become shockingly cheap.

    It seems to me that as there is no spec in the manual for the mic port, I have to assume it will take more or less any mic.
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