Q6600 @3.8 game stable want 4

so physics carashes in 3dmark 11 but prime only runs hot but does not crash 72 C 2hrs (i will never again have more than this to game. I rebuilt the machine two days ago applied ACMX4 repositioned my fans and did the best I could with cable managegement, My PSU has a short 4+4 140 watt line......

Tonight I got myself up to 3.8 480 FSB on a 8 multi @ 1.3973 volts after taking back the timings to 6-5-6-15 still running 1:1

GB ud3r P45 board

patriot viper 1066 @ 960

Q6600 G0 Rev B

idle temps 42-45

Load 68-72 I dont mind this.... I have I 140 to feed cool air directly into the intake for the CM 212 and it is not plugged in at the moment

NZXT Gamma and I have an exhaust right behind the heatsink (push pull did nothing on my CM 212 due to exhaust fan positioning)

Played Crysis 2 for a an hour no issues not cpu heavy I know it offered not one frame over
3.0 ghz with my 5770 960 core 1350 mem

I want 4Ghz at 500 FSB

Voltage has been attempted up to 1.426 and all options below it

ram timings 7-6-7-16 at the most open

Ive had some scotch and some better luck since the
rebuild 3 days ago I am sure the chip will make it to 4 GHZ last owner had it @4 on water
I did not get the temps from him but after researching mine they are not to shabby
I just need some really advanced help
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  1. The difference in performance between 3.8Ghz and 4 Ghz will be barely noticable, other that to say you have it at 4Ghz, what benefit would you get from it!

    68-72 is a little hot for my liking for daily load use, and this will only go up at 4Ghz,

    Most peeps say up to 1.45v is safe on those chips, I would prefer to run 3.4/3.6Ghz at 1.35 V and get 95+ % of the performance (Still a major improvement over stock) than run hot and power hungry over Intel Stock high Volts.

    But yes Turn V up to 1.45 and you should make 4Ghz allright, think it will be to hot load though!

    Nice work with your memory settings though.

    (Side Note, 500Mhz on FSB is close to limit on p45 running Quad core, Much easier t get 500+ fsb on dual core, I ran p45 Asus Pro with e7200 510FSB but could not get over 480 with q8400 nice board if it is stable there)
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    You are better off running the internal multiplier maxed out, then pushing the FSB as far as you can. For the same core speed, performance will not scale linearly with FSB speed. And the lower FSB gives you a little more stability.

    I have not heard of anyone getting a Q6600 up to 4.0 GHz with any sort of stability using any kind of real world system.

    We all have our own definition of what constitutes real stability. Mine is stricter than most - 24 hour Prime95 small fft's (CPU) and 24 hour Prime95 blend tests, both with SpeedStep enabled.
  3. I could never get stability in the 400+ range as I tried to go past 3.6 on a 9 multi. Always would pop a rounding error on core 3 or 4, despite anything I tried w/volts... including gtlrefs. Went to 8 multi and haven't had any issues. 475 is pretty high on a 780i, me thinks... but I'm still holding a 1.3v fsb and am under 1.5vcore. It can crack into the 70s but, since this is my last planned year on a now 4+ year old system... I figured I'd crack the whip. I'm at 4-4-4-12 timings on the ram, unlinked @ ~833. Can't remember the advanced timings but they're rather tight. Would have love to have linked/synced but it just wasn't meant to be I guess. I don't know how many hours I tried 9 multiplier going over 400 fsb. Dozens probably. Just never could get it to work. Stuck it to 8, dialed 475 expecting it to not post w/1.5 vcore and it just worked... then was able to dial the vcore back down a bit. Worst thing that happens is... well... it all dies and I have to buy a SB setup. Still have a 680i sitting around collecting dust if the board dies...

    I'll let prime run an hour and so long as I'm not popping rounding errors, I'm fairly happy. One of these days, I might walk away from it for a day and see. Just too impatient to not try something else or play games and such while primes doing it's thing. Since I don't do any encoding/folding/etc...

    I swapped to one of those Xigmatek DKs from a AC7 I had for years. Man! I'll never touch a push pin again. That and that awful 92mm fan.

    BTW... see that TRS-80 in your sig jsc. That was my first computer when I was a wee lad. I can hear the sound of it booting in my head to this day. Radio Shack... double stacked floppies.. integrated keyboard...
  4. And it took 2 redesigns to get the expansion interface right, and by then the Model III was out. I took a different approach. I built my own expansion interface.
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  6. I didn't get to 4GHZ it isn't happening.
  7. Not surprised. 4.0 is a real stretch for an E0 Q9550 or Q9650.
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