I need to reinstall windows xp on latitude d620. Error I get is NTLDR is missing. Dell techs tell me it is a bad hard drive. Other advance techs tell me just to load the OS. How do I go about loading XP on this laptop? THanks Mannie
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  1. Hello.

    NTLDR means that part of (or all) the OS is missing. Reintall the OS using the hidden hard drive partition or media.

    Do you have a XP CD? If so, press F12 during startup and choose to boot from the DVD\CD ROM.

    Laptop didn't come with media? Try to press F10 or F12 while booting to see if there is a recovery partition on the hard drive.

    To test the hard drive, try pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D immediately after power-on.

    If you want to test all components press F12 during boot up and choose to use the Dell Diagnostics.

    I hope that helps!
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