Cant overclock 2500K at all

hi guys i recently bought a sandybridge 2500K with an intel board Dh67BL what ever settings i change i cant seem to over clock the processor and its not even hitting 3.7 :S when checking with nova bench someone please help me :(
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  1. If i'm not mistaken, I think you have to have a P67 board to overclock the cpu.
  2. oh ok well forget about overclocking then why is it not even hitting 3.7?:S sotck
  3. 2500K Turbo Boost works like this:
    1 core loaded: 3.7GHz
    2 cores loaded: 3.6GHz
    3 cores loaded: 3.5GHz
    4 cores loaded: 3.4GHz

    To test out your Turbo Boost, you have to use a program that can test different numbers of cores. Nova Bench does not appear to have that capability -- it likely uses all of the cores. If you use Prime95 you can tell it to run with one or two or three or four (or more, if your CPU has more cores) threads to test out the Turbo Boost speeds at each load level.
  4. why didn't you get a p67 motherboard?
  5. Or a Z68 board, now that they are out?

    What are the pros of P67 over Z68 at this point?
  6. LOL this is what happens if you go cheap on the build
  7. im using a p8p67 motherboard and i can't get my 2500k with 212+ cooler past 3.5ghz.
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