How much money to save for comp nxt year?

I have decided to wait until next year to buy a new computer. The big complexity here is that I have my highschool exams at april next year, and I'm gonna study real hard for it next year, but I want new PC some where after June next year.

I know new GFX's realease from ATI at Q3 every year, so should wait for 3 more month. Are there going to be new CPUs coming out? PCE 3.0 perhaps?

I am hoping for a new monitor which nec realeased 43 inch 2880x900 next year. I'm also planning for good mouse and keyboard. Probably a 300 euro GFX with a good enough cpu not to bottleneck it. 3D gaming would be great. I'd suspect the monitor price drops down to 1500-2000 euros. 200 euros for mouse and keyboard. leaves me very little for comp. I have about 3000 euros of budget. Gonna get summer job nxt year :D
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  1. Monitor ? LOL...that sounds more like a home theatre.
  2. Things will change too much in the next 6-9 months to do much planning now.
    Assume that prices will stay at current levels, but you will get more for your money.
    What I expect:
    i5 cpu's will give you better performance than current i7 at comparable prices.
    P55 motherboards will be cheaper than the current X58 units.
    SSD's will become more mainstream in price and will be the unit of choice for the OS and fast access.
    Windows-7 will be the OS of choice, but expect to pay more for it than vista.
    VGA cards will transition to 40nm process, making them cheaper and faster. Don't jump on one early becauses competition will grind the prices down.

    I was interested in a 43" monitor, but at 2880x900, it really is no larger than a 1920x1200 24" display. I would love to find a 43" 2560x1600 monitor. The 30" units which are available now have a native resolution that is too small for my eyes.
  3. @OP, that monitor is over $10k now so I doubt it will reach $2k or below next year, especially with Sony and Microsoft asking companies to get into the 3D market.
  4. The monitor is 30:11 or something so your eyes are 100% covered. 30 inch mnoitors tend to have low response time, low contrast, low refresh rate. You guys think my samsungt240 would be good next year?

    lol a 2500k build next year for 2 year old monitor, rediculous, any suggestions? I must start saving cause im still 14 and i dont earn most of u do here.
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