Who fixes flash drives??

Hi everyone,

My flashdrive is literally broken in half in 2 pieces. I've read on here that you can solder the connections back together or even place the memory into an identical flash drive in order to recover all the files. I do not trust myself attempting to do any of this so does anyone know what business or companies would actually do this for? I was thinking of trying best buy but I doubt they would actually solder something. I live in Philadelphia so not a small town or anything. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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  1. Flash Gordon, how big is it 2 to 8 gigs is less than $20.00 new. Yes you're right I read that myself and there were pictures. That party soldered short wires to each pin to complete the circuit and got their files back.
    Since it sounds like your not solder savy go visit an old fashioned tv repair store.
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