3 graphics card and a 750watt PSU

Right now I'm running SLI EVGA GTX 275's with a 750Watt PSU on two 23.6 inch monitors. I'm going to get a 9800GT to display a third monitor since I can't with SLI and to use it as my PhysX card. Will my PSU be enough to handle a third card such as a 9800GT? And should I use the 9800GT to display the two smaller monitors and have my main 275 display my 26inch monitor? Will that decrease the PhysX performance if it's displaying that many screens? Here is a link to me PSU. Any help would be appreciated


My specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad 3.15
HT Striker Omega 7.1 Sound Card
750Watt PSU
Windows 7 RC
5 fans
Coolermaster HAF Chassis
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  1. Your power supply will support the three cards.
  2. Why thank you for your help. I went to the sli faq page on nvidia and it said that some 750watt PSU's can run 3 GTX 275's just fine and I compared mine to the one that they had on the page and in the end they were both very similar in all the specs.
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