GA-EP35C-DS3R and USB 20. vs 1.1

Can anyone tell me why only two of my eight USB hubs on my motherboard show as "Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB2 Enhanced Host Controller" while the other eight show as "Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller"?

I've updated to the latest drivers from the Gigabyte website and still nothing.

I'm getting tired of the ridiculously slow transfer speeds when I use USB thumb drives.

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  1. Never noticed it, and have the same thing shown in hardware manager - but - all work at USB2 speeds - easily demonstrable by moving around my HyperX; my guess would be the thumb drives - they vary enormously, and sometimes not in proprtion to their price! The HyperX I use for ReadyBoost has, easily, four times the transfer speed of any of the other various sticks I have...
  2. Hmmm, possible I guess. I've always assumed my USB drive was USB2 (I swear that it worked at USB2 speeds on other computers). As soon as I get it back from my kids I'll have to check that out.

  3. It can be USB2.0, and still be slow as molasses in globally warmed January (I just had fourteen inches of global warming in my driveway :ouch: ) - the 2.0 specification says how fast it can go, not how fast it must go :fou: !
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    what you are listing is normal - two main controllers with many ports to each etc

    dont bother updating drivers from the motherboard manafacturers website - go direct to intel for the latest intel drivers

    also make sure in the bios you have USB2.0 controller enabled, and if the option, set to hi-speed (2.0, 480mbps), NOT full-speed (1.1/1.0 - 12mbps)

    also as bilbat mentioned its a theoretical max, doesnt mean it will work that quick, it might be your usb device is slow, hell i got a 2gb pen drive that wont see much past 1mb/s
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