Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 1 GB best quality/price ratio card?


I was planning on getting a Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 1 GB

I m currently running:

MB Radeon ASUS P5LD2 (no SLI)
GPU 8800 GTS 640 megs (bit of OC with Riva Tuner)
Intel core 2 duo q6600 2.4ghz (no OC)
RAM = 2 x 2 gigs corsair xms
Power Supply = Corsair 750W - 60A
Running Vista 64
Using a 22'' Samsung screen

Now, had issue with Neweggs, they will issue a refund, so I can take time to think and seek advice

Is there better graphic cards out there with respect to quality/price ratio?

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  1. you can get more powerful cards but for price performance, the 4850 x 2 1GB is an excellent deal.,2323-4.html
  2. Either that or a HD4890 1 GB.
  3. Now, good thing ASUS make a HD4890, should I get the:

    EAH4890 TOP/HTDI/1GD5
    Or the:
  4. what i know about asus is that they are overpriced and are quite poor in price\performance ratio. why not thinking about HIS graphic card?
  5. I would go with a gtx 260 core 216... XFX has lifetime warranty... I'm selling mine if you're interested with games.... PM Me ;)
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