Nvidia 9500GT vs Sapphire HD 4550


Which one to go? 9500 gt or HD 4550.Both are in my budget,but which one to go?Any other same budget class recommandations?i want descent fps in older games like World of Warcraft,CS 1,6,maybe low settings on GTA 4(playble fps)Sims 2,(3). DX 10.

Motherboard: Asus K8N4-E Deluxe.Bad company PSU,says 400w but i dont think it is this big.

All the best,
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  1. watched that video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVwRIZjLgoI and ati owned nvidia there.so is hd 4550 way to go?
  2. the 9500GT competes against the 4650 in terms of performance, its more powerful then the 4550.


    try the 9600GSO (same price as the others) for a bit more power as long as you have a decent PSU
  3. ill check them out
  4. 9600GSO is 30 dollars more than those other cards in my country.
  5. looks like its the 9500GT for you then
  6. 9500GT would be better than a 8600GT.. and far better than HD4550....
  7. 9500gt,my nephew has it, good card at most games.
  8. 4650 owns the 9500GT
  9. The 9500GT is faster than the HD 4650.

    See following benchmarks / review:


    I have a 9600GT in my HTPC and it does pretty well. Only real complaint is it was a bit expensive when initially released last year. I think I paid about $160 for it back then.
  10. whoops you're right. I must've been looking at DDR3 versions
  11. Well, the DDR3 version of the 9500GT is faster than the 4650 with DDR2 RAM. The DDR2 version of the 9500GT, not so much. Also, since the 4650 uses the same core as the 4670 it generally has some pretty decent overclocking ability which can help it pull ahead of even an overclocked 9500GT.

    Anyway you should spend a few more bucks and go with with a Radeon 4670. It's generally not as fast as a 9600GSO (the 192-bit version), but it's still considerably faster than the 9500GT.
  12. Radon 4670 is in stock and costs 120 dollars(30 dollars more),but if i go with too low card i have to buy new in coming years.

    New question 9600GSO or Radeon 4670?
  13. http://www.ox.ee/est/product/128074 hd 4670 you guys mean this card?
  14. it needs 400w psu,and my psu says its 400w,but its from bad company.is it still 400w or less?I don't want to buy new PSU atm,cuz i dont have any money left after buying monitor
  15. 9600GSO/GT or the 4670.

    The 9600's will perform better.

    I doubt you'll need a 1gb card.
  16. yeah i wont need 1gb card
  17. hents1230 said:
    it needs 400w psu,and my psu says its 400w,but its from bad company.is it still 400w or less?I don't want to buy new PSU atm,cuz i dont have any money left after buying monitor

    actually the card does not need a 400w PSU but ATI states it to cover their rear with bad power supplies
  18. so it would work with my PSU?
  19. now should i go on it?:D i like the way that card looks(HD 4670) and i thinks its more powerful than 9500gt.(Sapphire HD 4760 has 1 gb ddr3 memory)
  20. yea its a better card then the 9500GT, if you like it get it
  21. Do Sapphire HD 4670 have a good support?I have read some forums and all i can see is problems.I watched it's offical website and didint find exact model or couldn't download any drivers.What about support and new drivers??
  22. sapphire is a fine company, they have been making solid ATI cards for years

    download your drivers from here
  23. oh thx i was on another website.Then ill stick with it.Thanks very much for your help,time,effort!
  24. Sapphire's cards work great. Good luck with their support. I send in a ticket and get back a response that looks like it's been written by a four year old on meth.
  25. lol:D
  26. I don't know why but i have bad experience with ATI cards. They always cause some problems with some applications and games. For example when I play DOTA (warcraft 3) it makes the mouse go crazy. And this only happens on ATI cards even I have updated all drivers and DirectX software. On some online games also it cause display to loop like you are not moving at all but in the other clients you are moving okay. In the end I prefer Nvidia Cards because I never had this kind of problem from them. And on the other hand for video editing apps using hardware acceleration ATI cards really sucks at rendering. This is just my experience that I want to share before choosing ATI cards. I agree they are fast but they are buggy.
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