Scythe Ninja 3 Vs Cooler master hyper 212


I built my first computer a few months ago. It has a AMD phenom II 955BE. I like like rig its suits my needs, however the stock fan is terribly loud whist gaming and under load. I was wondering does anybody have the Cooler master 212 or the Scythe Ninja 3 and what are people's thoughts, as i am considering buying one or the other. I know the Ninja 3 is about twice the price in my country, but it does seem to have good performance and relatively quiet.

any opinions would be appreciated.

(I'm running stock clock speeds, not considering Overclocking any time soon.)
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  1. well if not considering overclocking the ninja 3 isn't worth the monny.
  2. Scythe Mugen 2 .... beats the 212 by 7C in BMR testing

    But if not overclocking, no reason not to use the stock cooler. Fan speed can usually be controlled via BIOS .... unless temps under load are high, I'd look into controlling it via the BIOS or speedfan
  3. AMD fans are apparently quite loud if left unmolested, i opted to put a Thermaltake Frio cooler on my 945, and at stock speeds i can leave it at its lowest setting making my machine virtually silent and never breaking 42 degrees while gaming.
  4. cheers for the responses,
    i ending up going to the CM 212, it is considerable quieter than the stock amd unit, which became stupidly loud.
    The temps are good as well.

    issue resolved
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