Does i5 work with p35 motherboard?

Hi folks,
I've got a brand new Abit IP35 Pro that's been sitting in my closet for months. I was just trying to find out if I can use the i5 processor with it. Or, might I just be better off getting a Quad Xtreme. I'm just looking to build a faster machine [current one is a Q6600 8GB RAM] - no gaming but do run video and lots of VM's on it.
Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. no the board you have is socket 775 the i5 uses socked 1156
  2. Nope. It's a completely different socket with a completely different method of connecting to the system.
  3. Notta.Different pin count.I5 is 1156,p35 chipset is 775.Need a new board with the I5.

  4. Thanks guys that's what I though. Some kid was telling me I could. Thanks for the excellent support!
  5. So who told you you could?
  6. Before you do hardware changes you should investigate it yourself.
    Go to the page for your motherboard and check for the CPUs supported.
    In this case it was very easy to see that it wouldn't work because it was a socket change, but some mobos will not support all the CPUs even if they're the same socket.
    Sometimes you will need a BIOS update, and sometimes the CPU will not be supported at all.
  7. Well, you will have some trouble fitting the CPU in the first place.
  8. Actually, it would physically fit: Socket 775 and Socket 1156 parts have the same X-Y dimensions (hence the probable confusion). There are just a lot more lands on 1156...
  9. Locking latches are different.
  10. But how obvious is it that it won't fit?
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