New Computer Build. Help Appreciated!

So I've been putting together (hypothetically) my new rig on Newegg and it looks a little something like this. Also, I'd love any input on components functionality with one another and all that jazz. Another thing to think about is that I plan to over clock my processor as far as it will go at reasonable temperatures 24/7.

CPU: Intel 2500k (hopefully 4.5ghz-5ghz oc)

Mother Board: MSI P67A-G43 (B3)

Ram: 4GB Vengeance (1 stick)

SSD: Crucial M4 64 GB (boot/application drive) (still up in the air as to which ssd i'm actually getting)

Hard Drive: 500GB Western Digital (storage, games, etc)

Video Card: Radeon 6870

Now here's where the trouble starts...

Possible after market heat sinks i'm thinking about include the following; Antec 620/920, and the Corsair h50/570. Unless someone can show me a way to build a custom loop for under $120 i'm pretty much set on those coolers. I'd like my case to be clutter free. Also having had a bunch of after market air coolers on my other rigs i'm looking for something new, even if it's just to try it out.

Possible cases i'm looking at in order of favored case at the moment are; Silverstone Raven (rev 02 or 01), Corsair's 650d, Cool Master's Haf x, and finally the Antec DF 85. Right now the power supply's i'm looking at are totally up in the air, mostly depending on what's affordable and/or bundled with the case i decide to purchase.

One of the things that's bugging me right now is the mounting of one of the coolers listed above in the Silverstone raven rev 02 case. Would having the radiator mounted on the top exhaust fan in push pull (out of the case) be heated from the graphics card to a severely limiting degree?

Any feed back and opinions on this build are what I'm looking for. Any possible problems you point out or suggestions made will be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions made toward any component in this build are welcomed. I'm very preferential to side windows on my cases though :).

My budget is up to $1100 w/o monitor and optical drives.

Thank you so much!!
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  1. Also, I'm sorry if this was posted in the wrong section of the forum. Forgive me if it was, I'm new!
  2. GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3 go with this mobo. I have this and it's freaking awesome.
    Love all the current features. Overclocking with this mobo is a breeze. Got my 2500K at 4.5 GHz using air cooler, Frio.

    As for using watercooler, I use one in my sons computer; Corsair H50 was easy to install and also keeping it really cool temp.
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