GTX 275 or GTX 285 or What?

Hello guys, I've just joined here hoping do get a decent answer :)

I'm planning on a GPU + PSU upgrade quite soon. I want to stick with Nvidia too.
I was initially thinking about a GTX 285 but then came across some benchmarks with the 275 and 285.
The difference was a couple of FPS in most cases but benchmarks hardly ever include my res, 1440x900.
I am just wondering what card I should go for. I want one that will give me very high performance and will keep me running well for the next few years. I can get a 285 for £250ish and I'm happy to spend that as long as it will give me a noticable difference over the 275 which I can pick up for £160.
I overclock too so long as I keep the stock cooling.

PSU wise, I will spend up to around £60.
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  1. Go for the GTX 275 for your resolution u won't see a noticeable difference in most games.
    For PSU OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w Silent wold be a good choice:
  2. get a 4890 as they're only ~£140 and are as good as if not better than the GTX 275.

    and put the money you save towards buying a nice 750w PSU.
  3. 90 quid seems a lot just for a few extra frames per second. I say the 275 is a better value.
  4. The 285 wouldn't really do anything for you at that resolution.
  5. yup for 1440x900 he better goes for the GTX 275(Or HD 4890 if its cheaper) instead of GTX 285 since the difference isn't noticeable @ this res
  6. At 1440x900 I'd got for a gtx 260 core 216 and call it a day. I have a gtx 275 SC and I run 1920x1080 and it laughs at most games on max settings.
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