Are there any hard drives not manufactured in China?

Just posted this question on the Western Digital forum. Are there currently any 1 TB+ hard drives on the market that are not manufactured in China? I am looking to buy a new hard drive and concerned about quality and reliability.
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  1. Is this guy for real?
  2. Actually I have seen both Thailand and Indonesia listed as places hard drives are manufactured. It's generally written on the drive its self. I have never seen one say made in China come to think of it. Most computer parts are though.
  3. Samsung & Western-Digital, they're the best brands to buy HDDs from.
  4. Oddly, it is difficult to find the country of origin for hard drives. The closest I've found so far is at They list Samsung drives with China as the country of origin (1TB, 2TB), Western Digital is listed as Singapore and Thailand (1TB, 2TB), Hitachi as Thailand (1TB), and Seagate as Singapore (1TB, 2TB).
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