EMachines E732ZG - Broadcom BCM943227HM4L driver, Win7 32bit

I have an eMachines E732ZG laptop with Broadcom BCM943227HM4L wlan module, OS is Win7 32bit,
I looked everywhere on the net for driver but I had no luck,
support disc doesen't have appropriate driver, neither manufacturer site.
I saw thread on this forum with solution for Win7 64bit but I'm running 32bit, maybe I'm not seeing or simple I just cant find driver for my laptop,
can you please help me?
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  1. nop, didn't help,
    still getting:

  2. I've already downloaded that one before and it didn't work =S
    dunno what to do -.-
  3. Got the same problem man, did u find the driver?
  4. Having the same problem on TravelMate 8572G with Broadcom BCM943227HM4L driver (hardware id's PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4358&SUBSYS_E040105B&REV_00) Even the official drivers downloaded from acer do not work... :cry:
  5. I saw thread on this forum with solution for Win7 64bit but
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention that my windows version is win7 64bit, do you know where the solution is?
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