Most realible DVD writer nowadays?

I do backups of super-important data to DVD+Rs. I use only highest quality Verbatim or Sony blank media to make sure that data will be still readable even after ten years. I used ASUS DRW-2014 for burning my DVDs but now its gone.

I look for good replacement of my drive. I do some research for most realible DVD burner. Most of reviews recommends Pioneer DVR-112 or DVR-111 as most realible drive, but these drives are no longer sold.

Is there an alternative for these drives that is sold nowadays and produce the same quality (or even better) of burned media?

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. the only thing you might gain by going with a more expensive drive is a faster read/write speed. i've noticed that even $15 oem drives write reliably.

    that said, you might want to check out plextor. a little on the pricey side but the one i had was rock solid.
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