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I turned my computer on yesterday and got this message in a blue screen. I called tech support and the guy had me do a few things I didn't understand, and then run a diagnostic which showed that all of the components "passed". My question is: I've only had this computer for about a week, and since HP has a 21 day return policy, I can return it. So, should I return the computer while I have the chance? Is this hardware failure screen a big deal that will bite me later? Thanks.
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  1. I vote you take it back. Chances are it will fail catastrophically without warning at some point and then you'll be stuck. Or maybe it won't. Either way, why take the chance?
  2. Yeah, you're right. I shouldn't take the chance. Its just such a hassle.
  3. Take it back and demand satisfaction.
  4. you can change the settings in BIOS to carry on the boot process even if it finds errors - most are set to skip all but keyboard errors.
  5. Take it back. The problem could be intermittent, the worst kind to find and fix, and the most likely to act up at the most inconvenient time possible.
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