New build quiet fan question, enough cooling?

Ok, so i'm building a new system with these specs and i am looking at some fans. Quietness is a huge priority as my current system sounds like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. Here are the specs that i am looking at

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem @ 2.66GHz
Asus P6T LGA 1366 with 3-way SLI quad core crossfireX support
Kingston 3GB Triple channel kit (DDR3 10666)
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 (for now, will go crossfireX in the future)
KIGMATEK Dart Knight CPU Heatpipe (possibly, will probably look for a quieter fan for it)
Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750Watt PSU
Rosewill R5730 large Mid-tower case (

My case has three 120mm fan openings and an 80mm side fan for the HDD
The 120mm fan slots are on the front, top, and rear. I am looking at several fans and would like to know what you guys think about the performance and if they will be enough to keep the system cool.

The Kigmatek CPU cooler is here:

Fan #1
Thermaltake 120mm - $18
RPM: Variable 800-1500RPM
AirFlow: 58.3CFM
Noise Level: 16dBA Max?(could be average, idk)

Fan #2
Artic Cooling ACF12PWM - $9
RPM: Variable 400-1500RPM
AirFlow: 56.3CFM
Noise Level: 10-23.5dBA

Fan #3
Scythe Slipstream - $9
RPM: Static 800RPM
AirFlow: 40CFM
Noise Level: 10dBA

Fan #4
GELID Solutions - $10
RPM: Variable 750-1500RPM
AirFlow: 58CFM
Noise Level: 12-25dBA
This fan is interesting because it has an external temp sensor, never used one with an external sensor so i don't know how it compares with motherboard temp sensors

I haven't built a system in 7 years so i don't know how much heat these new systems put out and what kind of cooling i will need. I will be overclocking a bit(nothing major, maybe a couple hundred on the CPU). My question is what air flow level should i shoot for with the system that i am building? I can go with a higher decible fan with a higher air flow if i need. I'll just pick one with a higher rpm that can create a high pressure differential so that i can build a "muffler" of sorts with several filters. I'll have to have one that can pull a lot of air and still get an above average air flow.

Any suggestions guys?

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  1. It's an X not a K :)

    And no, that would not be a quiet choice in cases. Were you wanting to OC?
    This Antec comes with all the variable speed fans you need:

    This PSU should be a bit quieter:

    Now, if you already have all these parts and don't want to change, get variable speed fans such as:

    And a good fan controller:
  2. I've used that Rosewill case in 2 builds now, it's surprisingly quiet except for the 80mm side HD fan. In one build i just removed it. The Xigmatek is a quiet cooler when the fan is set to a low speed.
  3. I'm planning on keeping this for years so yes, i I will end up OCing down the road. I will also be adding an extra Radeon 4850 X2. That's why i picked that case. Cheap and very roomy. I don't really want to purchase a $100 case as I am trying buy at the price curve and keep costs down on everything while still getting performance. With the three $10 fans, the case i picked will end up being about $70. Other case suggestions are certainly welcome. I am definitely going to change to that PSU you posted. Also that fan you posted i had looked at and forgot to put it up. I am definitely leaning towards that one now. Why do you think the case will be loud?

    I'll probably end up creating a muffler of sorts with an intake and filter if it's too loud.
  4. i'll probably remove that 80mm then. maybe add a different one. Is the 80mm necessary?
  5. I just figured a Rosewill case would rattle a lot. If DM likes them, that's good enough for me.

    I have a stethoscope I use to isolate noise. It's quite an education. Either PSU is going to be pretty quiet really. The 650TX and some Enermax PSUs are rated as quieter.

    These guys are new and want to be a competitor of Scythe and Noctua I think:
  6. No, it's not. However you should be aware that the HD4850x2 is a very noisy card. If you want to use that card in a "quiet" system you may have to get a case that can help reduce noise at the expense of some cooling.

    Such as a case like this CM Sileo

    If you do use the Rosewill case due to the length of the 4850x2 you might have to turn the HD cage front to back and space your HD to give it room.
  7. yeah, i had seen those GELID fans, i had never heard of them so i just left it alone. I'm gonna check them out now. It's not that i'm trying to build a silent computer at the expense of performance, i just want to do every little thing i can to make it as quiet as possible for the performance and not have it loud like my current one is. It's annoying to have a jet engine sitting beside you.

    Wow, that's an insanely loud card. I like doing things myself so i'll build something that will sound proof it. I have some friends at best buy who can get me that Dynamat sound proofing stuff they use it cars for next to nothing. I'm not sure i can budge on the case as it seems to be the biggest one in it's price range and has good reviews for being able to fit in large cards with ease. But that coolermaster one interests me since it already has two fans with it.

    I really thank you guys for all the help and advice. Do you guys think that three 40CFM fans and another quiet 80mm fan will be enough cooling or do i need more air flow? I figure i'll do the obvious setup of the front fan and the 80mm side fan will be intake with the rear and top fans being exhaust. I'll rig up some sort of cold air intake for the CPU cooler.

    I got a pretty good cooling setup right now as my cpu and mb idle right at 34C and top out at 45C and 40C respectively under full load. But i also have 74 CFM, 39 dBA fans in there. I know how well 74 CFM fans will cool a system, but i have no idea how 40 CFM fans will do.
  8. The 80mm fan in the Roswill case wasn't loud as much as it's at a higher pitch that's somewhat irritating, more of a whine then a hum if you know what i mean. Perhaps if i'd bothered to slow it down it would have been fine. With the 80mm side fan removed it also left more room to hide cables in. I had intake front, exhaust rear and exhaust top. Low 30s CPU temps with an old Scythe Katana cooler and light 3.2 GHz overclock on a x3 720 BE. I had to remove the top fan to place a Corsair HX520w PSU in and then put the fan back in place. I'd be inclined to go with the stock fans at first and see how they do, change them out if you need it quieter or more CFMs. Like the Proximon said check each fan with a cardboard tube to isolate which fans are louder, sometimes you just get a bad/noisy fan.
  9. Ok, sounds good. I didn't realize that the case had those three 120mm fans with it. My last case didn't come with but one so i figured that I would have to purchase those. Thanks for all the help, i came out with more info than i expected and some good parts to consider. Thanks guys.
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