RAM Question - 1066 recognised as 677?

Hi all, first time poster :)

MB=Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4
Processor=AMD Phenom II x3 720
RAM=2x2gb4096-8500C5 5-5-5-15 & 2x2gb4096-8500C7 7-7-7-20
OS=Windows 7 64bit

When I boot up my PC it recognises my RAM as 8Gb of DDR2 667 although I have 4 sticks of 1066 in the slots on the MB. The MB can support up to 16Gb of RAM. I understand that the latencies are different but is that the reason it only recognises it as 667?

Can I change any of the settings to get it to be recognised as 1066? Does it really matter that it is recognising it as 667?

My apologises in advance if his is a noob question, any help or explanation is appreciated.


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  1. Im not 100% on that as i dont deal with AMD too much but i think with four ram modules your ram will not run faster than ddr 800, its a memory controller limitation.
    What i can suggest is: take the two c5 sticks out, try and run the c7 ones at ddr 800 c5(set it manually in bios), if they do than just add the c5 ones. But i dont think that will make much difference anyway
  2. Suggest you check the voltage requirements of both sets to run at 1066.
    Example set 1 requires 2.0, set 2 requires 2.1
    Set ram voltage at 2.0 and latencies for the slower 7-7-7-20 manually in bios as well as clock to 533.
    If unsuccessful raise voltage to the 2.1 setting.
  3. "Note: Due to AMD AM2+ CPU limitation, DDR2 1066 is only supported by 1 dimm per channel" - thats from gigabyte product spec.
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