Is an Antec Earthwatts 650W PSU enough to handle this system

My current system is:

Core 2 Duo E8500 @ stock speed (didn't use thermal grease = no overclock... oops xD)
XFX 9800GTX+ OC Superclocked to 800 MHz
2.5 Gigs Crucial Ballistix RAM
1 DVD Rom drive
3 120 MM Fans
And of course a hard drive.... 1.5 TB <.<

If I slap a GTX 295 in this sucker, is my current PSU going to be able to deal with it, no worries? I heard the the power requirements were based on i7 builds. Finally, (if) I put it in, could I consider this rig to be.... kickass :P ?
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  1. Should be, tho nVidia website says 680W min. But max power for 295 is 289W, so 650 should be plenty.

    Watch your psu connectors.
  2. e8500 uses like 159 watts max so i think it should be good
  3. Just make sure the PSU has AT LEAST 1 x 6pin & 1 x 8pin PCI-E power connectors. That's minimum for a single GTX 295.
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