Can I use my Laptop Monitor - as desktop monitor , is there any cord (Plug in )

Hi , My laptop Become Dead ( Due to some mother board problem , and I am hoping that I can use the monitor and DVD Rom (of laptop ) which was working fine can be used with my desktop... can any one suggest me how can I go ahead ...
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  1. No way to do that with a cord. No easy way to do that at ALL. you'd need to unhook the screen and build the device yourself.
  2. Soldering iron and some ribbon cable could make it happen if your good.
  3. Hello, friend, to turn a laptop into monitor, you can find an easy instruction from this post , , it is very detailed, it is just that you will need to buy a lcd controller board to realize that, and in the step 7, he will give you some idea where to find the lcd controller board kit. Hope this will answer your question. :)
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