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We can not always get on-line on our laptop with our router, but our son can always get on via his x-box 360-live. We are told we have limited connectivity or just can't get on at all. We checked with our cable company (Cox) and they say we are getting the correct signal and levels are correct. Any suggestions?
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  1. Presume a wireless reception issue. Try changing channels in the router (the different channels are slightly different frequencies and they work better or worse in various environs).

    If you can detect neighbouring wifi, switch to a channel at least 5 stops from the strongest neighbour.
  2. Do you get a message saying "limited or no connectivity" ? I'm not sure why they say "limited" - it really means no connectivity at all. It usually happens when the wireless card doesn't get an IP address from the router. So Windows just makes up one of its own!

    Try setting the IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway and DNS settings of your card manually. Let me know if you need some instructions on how to do this and I'll write some up for you
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