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So with a dead system, I am going to start replacing parts until it works...I am pretty sure my PSU isn't putting out the required energy I need (computer responds as expected with just cpu and memory, but add in Video Card and I don't even get a beep code...)

I am replacing an Enermax EG465P-VE (460watt), and I am almost entirely focused on value. The system is getting up there in age, it's just a P4 3.6 with an ATI x850, dual SATA HD's with two r/w drives. I've spec'd it out at a tiny 280w requirement.

I was thinking of getting a Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL 600W ATX12V v2.01 SLI Ready PSU for around $50.

But frankly I don't know much about power supply manufacturers. It really seems like it is too much power for too little cash. Which of course worries me. I like the ability to upgrade around this PSU which is something that I hope will occur in the coming months.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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  1. For me a PSU being cheap and reliable is mutually exclusive.

    These cheaper power supples touting high outputs are to be avoided.

    Don't skimp on your PSU. It will potentially affect your hardware's stability and lifeline. Also if it isn't as efficient as it could be you'll end up paying more in electricity bills.

    The Corsair HX and Coolermaster Real Power series are basically the same PSU and both excellent. I've used both and they are excellent for reliability and they're silent (which was essential for me) and offer 5 year warranty. Hiper is also an option to consider as well.
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    Corsair, Antec Earthwatts or better, Seasonic, PC P&C.

    I use a mix of Corsair and Antec.
  3. Thanks JSC, I like what I have seen of Antec Earthwatts...

    Related question, I have a ABIT AA8XE 925XE Motherboard that uses the 4 pin aux power which I am told is a P4 thing...the vast majority of power supplies do not list the connector as being one they have. Is it actually present and taken for granted? Is it required? Why are connectors not better listed? :-/ (I do not really expect an answer to that last one! heh...)
  4. I don't know how good an Antec PSU is, but the Corsair HX-750 has a minimum efficiency of 89%!
  5. Corsair is probably one of the best PSU manufacturers around nowadays. Other high-end ones are Seasonic and Silverstone. For your needs, I would go with something mid-range like Antec.
  6. Dulock said:

    Related question, I have a ABIT AA8XE 925XE Motherboard that uses the 4 pin aux power which I am told is a P4 thing ...)

    Two of my Antecs have both a 4 pin and an 8 pin EPS connector. The Corsair has two 2X2 connectors that fasten together to make a 4X2 connector. Many newer PSU's do that.
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