Problem with QDI mb after upgrading BIOS - "System Detect Clock Ge

Hi Everyone,

A computer of a friend of mine was having some weird problems. So... we made the big mistake of upgrading the BIOS...

First, we used the motherboard software to do it, through windows. The upgrade seemed to went well but after reboting we got the magical error: "BIOS ROM Checksum error. Please insert a system disk boot".

From this point on, the computer wouldn't boot and we didn't had access to the BIOS.

Then, we tried to make a boot disk and use Uniflash, because we searched on the internet and the motherboard program is known to cause this kind of problems...

We made the disk and put the original BIOS file on it. We tried to flash the rom and put the original one on, but it showed an error on the part that verifies the bios...

So, we tried awdflash. It went ok well, but it then rebooted the pc without asking... After that, I have a black screen with nothing on...

The board has a 5 LED system that indicates what the problem is, and LED4 is on. According to the manual, this LED indicates that it's testing the:

"System Detect Clock Generator".

Anyone knows how I can fix this? Because the board is ok, the only problem is the bios...

Any ideas???

The board it's a QDI P4I865PEA, bios award.



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  1. Can you try resetting the CMOS? Maybe that's all you had to do after you upgraded the firmware...
  2. Hi,

    I've done it now but still no answer... still have the led on and can't see anything on the screen...

    any new ideas?
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