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Im looking for a good card for a good price. I have a quad-core at 2.66 with 8 gigs of ram and a 9800geforce card. i run cs4 on vista64bit. im not sure if its my video card but when i try to preview my animations in full res on AE, AE crashes. Good thing it asks me to save my work before it crashes. im looking to speed up my computer while im working in cs4. thanks in advance for reading my thread.
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  1. any of these cards should work, including your 9800GT.
  2. make sure your drivers are updated
  3. so if i upgrade to one of those cards would my workflow speed up? or is there something in my settings in AE or premiere that i should change?
  4. i don't think its your card, are you sure the driver you are using is the Vista 64 driver for the 9800GT?

    the adobe forum may be better to answer your settings question
  5. Im pretty sure im using th 64 driver. but ill check when i get home. thanks for your help.
  6. You'll get more from Adobe applications with more CPU power. Consider overclocking, if you can.
  7. would i have to upgrade my cooling system if i overclock my cpu
  8. Generally you can do a very very small overclock on stock cooling - but only small. But even that depends on your current cooling sysem.
    What cpu and cooling system do you have?
  9. im not at home at the moment but im sure its a basic cooling system. I dnt know the specs off the top of my head but my cpu is an intel quad-core at2.66Ghz
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