Transistor count vs cpus in the past

I had a weird idea: to find out if the total number of transistors in my cpu/gpu equal or beat all worldwide transistors in say 1975, or some year like that. I know the amount of transistors are in the modern pc dwarf old pcs. Wouldnit it be cool to say, I have more transistors in my pc than all the worlds computers in 1981! Is there anyway to find that kind of figure?
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  1. According to wikipedia the Intel 8008 released in 1978 had 2.500 transistors, an i7 CPU (2008) has 731 million transistors, that's 300.000 times as many transistors, if you add a HD 5870 GPU, with 2 billion transistors, to your system, you'll have the same amount of transistors in your system as 1,2 million top of the line computers in 1972 and computers were quite rare those days, especially the ones with a 8008, so maybe 1972 is the date you're looking for.
  2. hmm good one, cant imagine that 1.2 mill were ever sold, so at least its 1972
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