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Dear all, first of all I must admit that I'm newbie with this raid thing and secondly I've messed up with Raid 1 :( I Have Dell PowerEdge 1800 with 2 WD Sata HDD of 250 GB. Through CERC SATA 2S utility I have build Raid1 and installed server 2003. After a week or so, one morning my system reporting an error that Raid1 status Failed and 1 of the drive was missing and system failed to boot. I go to CERC SATA utility by pressing crtl+A and there was an error in raid1 Raid status failed and one missing member. I just installed a new WD HDD of same capacity but how can I make the status optimal and manage to boot the server. Thanks in advance for help.
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  1. RAID1 should still boot with a missing disk. Can you swap the positions of the good and bad disk? Once the machine has booted, replace bad disk with a new disk and the CERC controller should automatically rebuild the RAID onto the new disk.

    Replacement disk should be same as dead disk and MUST be at least as big as dead disk (can NOT ever use a smaller disk).
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