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Hello all :)

Ok, I have heard that Sandy Bridge is going to be coming out in something like a year (not sure about that), so that got me wondering, does anybody know FOR SURE what socket type it will use? Also, how "future proof" is the 1366 socket? Are there going to be many more processors coming out for it? Also, as I was reading around, trying to find an answer to my questions, I heard something about the i7 920 being discontinued, is this true?

Ok those are just some questions for now, may come up with more later :)

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. Honestly, the term "future proof" is obsolete now. I would be more concerned with how long ddr3 will last. Memory prices have gone way up recently. I heard the same rumor about the 920 also, but it's been around awhile. Intel has excellent marketing and pricing strategy; forcing gamers to upgrade every 2-3 years. I just bought a celeron combo at Fry's for $39.99 today, not worrying about "future proofing" just to get a spare board and cpu in case one of my other ones dies.
  2. Yes, thats why I have future proof in quote marks :) Now a days, there is hardly such a thing as "future resistant" even :sarcastic:

    But yea, really wondering what socket type Sandy Bridge will be :)
  3. I've seen speculation that it will be socket 1156, but there will be a new chipset needed to support it. Given it's not due out for 2 years, the chances of setting up a future proof machine for it are slim. But part of building a machine is re-use of the 'agnostic' parts, right?

    There's been some coverage of sandy bridge from IDF. I haven't been following it, but perhaps some answers to your questions will come out of IDF.
    One example, not a lot of specifics like you're asking about:
  4. I haven't seen anything to suggest that sandy bridge is going to be on 1156 or 1366

    That said, I don't think intel would dump two sockets so quickly. I've always thought that since intel announced the core i5 and 1156 sockets, that they would end up dumping 1366 for lack of demand. So IMO, 1156 is more likely to be future proof than 1366 despite the fact that there are confirmed hex cores for that socket.

    On the AMD front, you're looking at the same thing, an AM3 socket will yeild you a hexa core in good time. After that, no one can even guess as to what will happen.
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