How to control Sapphirse's vapor-x 4870 fan speed

CCC is showing 0 fan speed, but the fan is spinning. What are people using to control fan speed for a Sapphire Vapor-x4870 1G.
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  1. CCC is showing 0 fan speed and 0 activity. ATI Overdrive fan control doesnt work.
  2. ccc 9.6.

    i turned all my fans down low so i could hear it. there was no change in pitch. The fan is spinning under power. Per hwmonitor it never exceeded 70c during 3dmark06. It is idling now at 58c.
  3. The reason your temps are as good(they are good) as they are and you can not control fan speed is because your card appears to use a non standard cooler. It most likely runs at the same speed all the time independent of the video cards fan control
  4. The link instructions strangestranger posted doest work for me. Thanks anyways.

    i think Nukemaster is correct. The vapor-x must have a different controller.

    CCC reads 59c at idle, HWmonitor and GPUz back that up.

    The antec 1200 with all of its fans help.
  5. Well seeing as even the board is custom i am willing to bet they made there own previsions for fan control. At those temps i would not worry, the card is made for running in the 80-90 range anyway.
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