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Well i am building a gaming comp and i was wondering if i could get your suggestions. i will have the running a core i7 920 and i was wondering if i should go with the 4890 or the 4870X2, the 4890 is about $200 and the 4870X2 is about $370.
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  1. How about spend $30 more than the 4870x2 and get two XFX HD 4890's and put them in CFX and OC them, and beat the piss out of any 4870X2 :)
  2. What resolution are you planing on gaming at and what games are you planing on playing?
    Also, please post your full system specs including your PSU brand, wattage and +12v amperage.

    If it is necessary for you to get a more powerful setup than a single 4890 1Gb, there are much more cost effective options than a 4870x2.
    Either CrossFire 4870 1Gb's or SLI GTX 260's will give you just as much gaming power as the x2 and cost quite a bit less.
    Also keep in mind, if you can get away with a single 4870/GTX 260 for now, DX11 GPU's will be out in the next few months.
  3. DX11, oh please, how many games are DX10 and how many of you actually see a significant difference between DX9c and DX10. It'll be 4 years from now before the few remaining PC game developers do anything with DX11 and by then whatever video card you get in the next few months will be obsolete.

    Get what financially makes sense for you and remember that not all games support SLI nor Crossfire (FSX comes to mind).
  4. meatwad53186 said:
    How about spend $30 more than the 4870x2 and get two XFX HD 4890's and put them in CFX and OC them, and beat the piss out of any 4870X2 :)

    +1 or 2 gtx 270's
  5. Go for a single card.

    4870 for 120-140...or 4890 for 200. 8% better performance...for 60 more dollars...up to you really. I bought a 4890 and love it but I think I should have just bought a 4870 instead lol.
  6. It depends on the resolution that OP will play at,resolutions like 1920x1080 and higher benefit from CrossFire
  7. @ Ride365: Get a single HD4890/GTX275 now, it's plenty enough for most games, and you can CF/SLI later if needed.
    Get a powerful PSU now if you plan on CF/SLI and stick to good brands: OCZ, Corsair, Silverstone, Pc Power and Cooling or Antec.
  8. Another nod for the 4890. There are few games and resolutions that require more juice than that and it will hold you over till DX11 and this kind of awesomeness:


    So unless are you rocking a massive resolution, this is my suggestion.
  9. How about a 4850x2 2GB? I thing they are around 200-230$.
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