I have to press the power button from 10 to like 30 times for it to turn on and work. Every time I press the power button it turns on for about 1-2 seconds and turns off. I keep on pressing the power button repeatedly and eventually it turns on and work FINE LIKE IT SHOULD. No performance
loss nothing. SO WTF??? lol


plzzzzzz reply quickly
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  1. If you are certain it is not the PSU, re-seat all the power connectors to make sure they are properly connected and firmly seated to each component, including the 4/8 pin CPU connection. Then re-check your Front Panel Connectors, to make sure they properly connected to the mobo (the mobo manual should have an illustration).

    If you still have the problem, physically look at the mobo cable connectors to make sure they aren't loose or shorted - a meter could help you. Also use the meter to verify that the PSU is putting out the correct voltages.
  2. plzz more sugestions
  3. It honestly sounds like something could be wrong with the switch itself, or the wires/connectors leading from it. That's the first thing I'd check, anyway (not coincidentally, because it's among the easiest).

    Try this: Go to the front panel power/reset/LCD pins on the motherboard, and unplug the wire coming from the power button. Then put the wire coming from the reset button in its place. If my guess is correct, the system should now turn on when you hit the reset button.

    That would mean either a) the power button gets stuck in an "on" setting when you push it, so the system turns on, but then immediately thinks you're trying to power it down by pressing and holding the power button, so it turns off. Or b) the connectors on the power wire have worn out and are barely making contact with the motherboard pins.

    If this doesn't fix the problem, I would do what treefrog said, plus it also wouldn't hurt to test your RAM while you're at it.
  4. i did all CAPT_TACO said like couple weeks ago same ****
    i switched the two buttons and when i pressed the reset button it turned on an off in 2 seconds like usual, so it is not the switch.......THIS IS 3 MONTH OLD GAMING PC
  5. Your going to need to breadboard and work from there. It would seem as though something is charging up with each attempt at start like a capacitor.
    Did you build it? if so what about a brief history. What cpu, what ram. Did you set the system specifications or just assemble it worked at first and the rest is history. These facts will help determine a direction to go for the people trying to help you. Do you have an old board that some of the components can be cross checked.
  6. um it is custom built and i am givin it in for warranty for em to repair
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