Is this the most up to date bios? (EVGA FTW 200)

I checked in my reg and it says 'BIOS Version 080016' is this the most up to date?
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  1. 1- Why do you want update the BIOS? Usually you do that when you have stability problems or want install a new CPU that need the BIOS update.
    2- Go to the EVGA's web page, there you can find the latest BIOS version available.
  2. unsuccessful overclock, i think it might be bios related
  3. That problem is usually related to settings and not to BIOS.
  4. well any kind of OC will put the computer into continuous reboot, any idea?
  5. 1- What settings are you using?
    2- What components?
  6. EVGA P55 FTW 200 / i5 760 / g skill 1600 mhz (4x2gb)

    changing any CPU frequency seems to make the problem

    i tryed with x21 multiplier
    and 200MHz

    at 1.4V

    with ram at 1600mhz

    sorry new to OCing, if you need more info just say ;D
  7. I don't think that you can change the multiplier of that CPU, maybe you are changing the reference clock that you say is 200MHz. When you change that, the DRAM frequency also change, so, you need keep the RAM the most near possible to the stock speed.
  8. hmm what is the reference clock? sorry im not so experienced with overclocking ,,

    and i did not change the multiplier of the CPU, only the frequency
  9. I haven't much experience with Intel, but I suggest your use Google for a while to know the besic things about overclock and how this works.
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