IR solutions for HTPC?

I'm having trouble choosing a microATX case for my HTPC build and am currently a bit perplexed by the options for IR receivers. I was surprised to see that many of the more expensive cases don't have built-in IR receivers (e.g., Lian Li PC-C37B). So my question is, how are you all solving this dilemma for your HTPC? Bluetooth remotes? USB receivers that sit on top of your case (in all honesty, I think these look a bit tacky sitting there and would much prefer an integrated solution)? Or are you just picking a case with a built in IR receiver or external 3.5" bay to install a receiver there?

The Lian Li is my favorite looking case right now, and I love how low profile it is, but it has no IR receiver. I'm anxious to hear your insights!
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  1. I just use a USB receiver for my HTPCs, but perhaps another option would be an RF receiver like this one. I actually have this keyboard which looks to be the same and aside from the quick sleep time and one other quirk I'm working on through support, it works very well. I'd guess the NMediaPC combo would work just as well.

    -Wolf sends
  2. RF doesn't look to be too bad of an idea as I can hide the USB dongle behind the computer. I'm not very familiar with RF. Are there any disadvantages compared to IR? Can it still work with Logitech Harmony remotes?
  3. The only disadvantage with RF that I know of is that you may get some interference from other devices using the same frequency (such as wireless telephones). As far as your Logitech Harmony remotes, I haven't a clue.

    -Wolf sends
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