Core 2 quad bundles under $200

where could be a place to look for core 2 quad bundles for under $200???
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  1. You cant find budles for under $200.
  2. Yeah ur probably not going to find a large bundle for under $200. You might be able to find a combo deal on newegg for a Q8200 and a mobo or something.
  3. Good luck! The cheapest C2Q I can find is the one I have, the Q8200 for $150 USD.

    Even AMD doesn't have a decent Phenom II X4 bundle at that price I can find. However, AMD does have some very appealing X3 processors that you can probably find bundles for under $200 USD.
  4. I found this bundle with an Athlon II X4 620, which is about equal to a Q6600:
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