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so i got the upgrade bug and i am thinking about building a pc ... right now i have a hdmi ati 4830 1gb in my system i want to build a new pc and i want a 4850x2 with a native hdmi port but they do not make them could i crossfire the 2 cards and use the hdmi out on the weaker 4830 and still get same performance or does the stronger card need to be on top?
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  1. It would suffer in performance in Crossfire. You can run them independently.

    Crossfire combinations

  2. Technically the 4850 does have an HDMI port, you simply have to use the included adaptor that comes with the card but it is a full HDMI port capable of carrying video as well as audio.
  3. It should increase performance using the 4830, but it would be iffy given the questionable scaling outside of perfect matches. specially given it is triple gpu.

    Crossfire is (at least it is supposed to be, it doesn't always appear to work well) asynchronous. Adding a compatible card should always increase performance. (in theory)
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