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I was wondering how much off a difference would it make to move Win 7 64bit OS from 1 TB fast HD to a 200 GB slower 1? And would it make any difference at all? And if it is possible in any way to move OS without reinstalling it?
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  1. Poke?
  2. well you would have a slower drive running windows but there are a few things you could do. You could partition your 1TB drive into 2 separate partitions (C: and D:) so that should you need to reinstall windows, you dont have to touch this second hard drive which you will use for storage. If you currently have a single partition on the 1TB drive you could use a software such as Acronis to "clone" the 1TB disk or the Specific OS partition to th 200GB drive, restart with only the 200GB drive plugged in to make sure its working and then connect the 1TB drive to wipe clean and start with the storage.

    How is your 1TB drive currently set up (As far as partitions etc) and is this 200GB drive currently blank?

    IMHO it would be best to have the OS on the fast drive and use the storage on the slower drive/s unless your lucky enough to have identical drives or multiple drives with similar performance
  3. Well the 1TB hd is split into 2 partitions. 20 gb for OS ( Yes it is to small 1st time I installed win 7 ) and 980gb for storage. The thoughts about a separate HD started because I don't know of a way to extend the OS partition and I was wondering if my old HD might be useful as far as performance goes.
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