I currently have a EVGA 9800 GTX+ 1 gig DDR3... I found another at a store nearby thats 512 and not a 1 gig.. will the SLI still work right?

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  1. sorry got that wrong.. its a BFG 9800gtx+ 1 gig superclocked..

    does my SLI card have to be superclocked as well?
  2. The SLI system will automatically clock to match the slower card, so it'll work just fine.
  3. what about the 512 and 1 gig... will the memory differences matter?
  4. Whoops, my bad. I thought you meant the new one you saw was actually a 1gb.

    What would happen is the system will default to the slowest card, like i said before. But also default to the smallest amount of memory. So it'd be like you had two 512mb cards in sli. Not really a big deal, unless you playin' on a high resolution.
  5. unfortantely im playing on 1900x1000 resolution.. so damn >.> lol
  6. thanks for help
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