New Hardware for my Compaq

Hey there guys.
Well, i was thinking in buying a new PC because this one is little old,
But a friend told me that all i needed to do was buy a New hardware for my PC. I love to play video games, i play Worldofwarcraft,Dota,War-Hammer and i just got This new one called AION. After i installed this game and i was ready to play i got this Message saying "To run Aion, you need a graphics Accelerator that supports Pixel Shader 1.1 or Higher."

So my question: If i buy a new hardware will this fix the Problem?
and which hardware should i be looking for?

Here is my Comp Info.

Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq Presario
Pentium[R] 4 CPU 2.00GHz
1.99GHz, 1.25 GB of RAM

Thank you for your help.
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  1. Can you provide your model number for the Compac? A P4 CPU is a few years old and to add a video card to address your issue, we need to know if it is an AGP or PCI-e slot on the MOBO. We can determine that by the model # then we can make a recommendation.

    You will pretty much will never be able to max out the settings on your games with your processor. I still won't rule out a new build, if you would have a budget in mind.
  2. Agreed, you may be able to install a new video card, but it is going to be a very low end gaming card. You can likely get the game running, but on your old hardware it's not going to be all that enjoyable. On top of that, you have an old Compaq. Not exactly the best platform to start spending money upgrading. You can spend a few hundred dollars, and still have an old slow Compaq, get the picture?
    If you can afford it, and you like to game, it is time to put any money you may spend on that old machine towards something new.
    My 2 cents.
  3. This is a Presario 6000.

    I understand that this PC is pretty old and probably a new hardware is not going to fix this problem, So i would like to ask you guys for help in finding a new PC.

    Im willing to spend up to $1000 maybe $1200 in a new PC. I would like to know for what kind of Comp-Mark should i be looking for etc and is $1000-1200 fine for a new PC.

    Thank you for your Help guys.
  4. You should consider taking the plunge and request help getting a parts list together to build your own. It's way too easy to do. Just a little reading and asking questions here in the forums and you will have a new gaming pc you can work on yourself.

    There's not any better satisfaction than using your own pc you built other than a hot date, fast car and a wallet full of dough, lol.

    Take my advice and you wont regret it... ;)
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