RAM for ASUS Maximus III

Hi guys,

I order my new desktop yesterday, but I got a big scare when I found out the the RAM I got for the ASUS Maximus III may not work.

I got:

orsair Dominator GT DDR3 1600MHz 4GB (CMG4GX3M2A1600C7)

...and it seems some people hva had some problems with them, and they don't appear on the Corsair site to be compatible with the motherboard.

Will they work?... Or should I get new ones?... I really love the red of the Dominator GT's it goes well with the Maximus III board ;)
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    I have an Asus Maximus III Gene (the mATX one!) and I bought memory (OCZ Platinum) that was not listed on the compatibility list with Asus. Maybe I got lucky... or maybe that's just an overly conservative (or just out-of-date) compatibility list.

    Anyways... you can find people have problems with EVERY type of RAM if you look hard enough. What sort of return policy will you be dealing with?
  2. The ASUS compatibility list is very much out of date, it did however really scare me that it wasn't even on Corsairs compatibility list. But I hope I get lucky :)

    Luckly I had a talk with a nice guy where I bought all the hardware and he would be willing to get me a refund (or an exchange) if they didn't work out, but I really hope they do... Who can pass up nice read RAM for a nice red ROG ASUS MB :)
  3. That's why I got the OCZ memory set that I did... I specifically didn't want some blue and black stuff in there on the red and black board. The gold actually goes nicely with it.
  4. Luckily it seems that the RAM is working perfectly. Just set them to the "standard" XMP setting and everything is running smoothly :)
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