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ok well i got a ati radeon 4850 model 900241 at a really good deal but my problem is that when i went to hook it up to my dual displays its only one dvi-i port one displayport and one hdmi port im try to figure out how to hook both monitors up to i get a dvi spliter or do i convert the displayport or hdmi port to dvi i am useing vga monitors so i would have to then convert those to vga anyone got some idea what to do?

p.s. its a visontek 4850 900241
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  1. Right click the ATI CCC icon on the the taskbar by the time and you should have "1. ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series and 2. ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series. Choose 2 and click Extended Desktop, If it is grayed out it means that it is extended, If it is extended set desktop area to a know resolution for the second display.

  2. yea i know know how to set it up my problem is the connections on the back of the video card i only have one dvi port one port thats called a displayport it looks like a hdmi port and one hdmi port and i don't know if i should get a dvi splitter or a displayport to vga convertor or a hdni to dvi convertor
  3. Included with your 4850 should be an adaptor. My 4850 has 2 DVI ports. It also included an adaptor that does DVI--->HDMI, and another adaptor that converts DVI---->VGA. If you bought your 4850 used you might not have gotten all of the included adaptors and most likely will need to order one off of ebay.

    You said you have a port that looks like an HDMI port. If thats the case and your monitor has a DVI port just get an HDMI--->DVI cable.
  4. no i got it from bestbuy yea the earlyer 4850 came with 2 dvi ports there are 3 models and this one i got turns out only has one dvi one displayport which is a new port that mac has been using and a hdmi port
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