Building new AM3 system- What GPU and Case?

Hello friends!

I am building a new system, here are the following specs:
AMD Phenom2 X4 955 3,2Ghz, AM3
650W Corsair CMPSU-650TXEU
4096MB (2x2048MB) DDR3 PC12800 Corsair XMS3
750GB Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD753LJ
Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P, sAM3

This is supposed to be a gaming system.

However I have a few problems that no matter how much I think I can't make a decision;

What GPU should I go for?
I have used nVidia all my time and feel very comfortable with it. This system is going to be a gaming system as I said and my monitor is going to be 1920x1200. I want to be able to play games without going down to low or medium (It's ok if I can't max settings)

What case should I go for?
I have absolutly no idea what I should go for. Something that keeps my stuff cool, no big worries if it makes noise but as long as it's good, can stop hdd vibrations for example and so on.

What would you change?
Is there anything in the system above that you would like to change?

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  1. For the case i have been very happy with mine and would higly recommend it

    NZXT Tempest
    That baby has 6 120mm fans, it should keep everything ice cold

    As for the gpu, i would personally go with the 4890 1GB or the 4870 1GB as i have the best results with ATI (a bit of a fanboy haha)

    But if you must go nvidia i would suggest the 260 or the 280
    whichever you can afford.

    Looks like a pretty solid build, if you plan to run SLI or Xfire you may want a more powerful PSU
    look at this one: Corsair 750W
  2. have a look in the charts section of this site

    look at the vga charts to guide you to your gfx card

    alsio look at
  3. With your 650W PSU you are in an awkward spot as crossfiring 4870's or 4890's would be pushing it. Because of that, I would just say rock a 4850x2 or 4870x2 now. And not worry about it until DX11 cards come out.

    As far as cases go, that's largely personal preference. There are so many solid cases out there just find one with good cooling.

    Antec 300/900/1200
    Coolermaster 690/ HAF series
    Lian Li
  4. 1. Drop your Processor to a PhenomII 940 and then OC it, trust me it goes up to 3.2ghz stock everything.

    2. As for your CPU, a 4850x2 would do good at that resolution, or if you have the money, a 4870x2 2gb, and if not just go for the 4890 1gb.

    3. The case if completely up to you haha, I would personally go for the Coolermaster Storm Scout, its a neat case with good airflow, very portable too. sexy looking!

    4. Nothing else I'd change, looks good. the rest are completely up to you =]
  5. I would suggest to go for two 4770 512MB in CrossFire (if 4770 is available in the market). Two 4770 in CrossFire outperform 4890 and GTX260 easily, also consume less power.

    I don't any suggestion about case, sorry :-).
  6. I would suggest dropping to an AM2+ system with a 940. It's quite a bit cheaper ($55 processor, then RAM on motherboard and less as well)

    4850X2 would be nice. If you must have nVidia, I've heard only good things about the 980a chipset, though, despite it being a rebranded 780a. The Foxconn Destroyer is also cool.
  7. ^ or drop down to the UD4P if he isn't going to SLI.
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