Samsung hd 55'' vs dell 3008wfp


I have a weird question today.

I have a samsung 55'' lcd tv and dell 3008wfp.

I played 1080p movie with samsung 55'' for an hour and touched back of the TV. I was surprised. The TV was not cold, but not hot as dell 3008wfp.

I can't understand how 55'' can be cooler than 30'' monitor.

Does anyone have any ideas!?!? I would like to have a computer monitor that is cooler like my TV!
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  1. The 55" has a larger surface area to cool off the panel, the 30" has a smaller surface area. What this means is that both are about the same when it comes to heat but the 55" is less noticeable to you because it has more surface area to hide the heat. Touch the heatsinks on the actual panels and you will see. (This is totally philosophical, don't actually do it.)
  2. @The_Blood_Raven // wow..that makes sense...thank you so much!
  3. No problem.
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