(CPU) E8400 Overclocking, DRAM and Voltage question


I wanted to overclock my E8400 to 3.6ghz.
I was told to set FSB to 400mhz, PCI-Freq to 100
DRAM to 400mhz

And I was given voltages to try in-case I experience a shut down under those settings.

Under DRAM it says my ram type 667 I believe, but doesn't give me the option to pick 400mhz. It just sort of goes down a list of ram types. What do I pick?

Under voltages it says 6000v, 7000v, 8000v, etc, so I'm unsure how to set it to a value of 1.

Any help is greatly appreciated

I use the P5K-VM motherboard and I'm under jumper > ai overclock
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  1. Probably no the best MB to use for OC, but that's what you have.
    The E8400 should have no major problem reaching 3.6GHz with the right setup. I think in your case, the limiting factor might be you ram speed. As I am not sure what multiplier options you have for your memory.
    For your reference, I have the same CPU @3.6Ghz using 1.248 Volts.
    I would recommend you Google around for similar setups and read your MB manual.
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