$2000+ system build.

I am building another new system.
No need for monitors keyboard or mouse.
Everything needs to come from Umart.com.au so its all in aussie dollar
Case: Xclio A380 Super Tower
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 Processor LGA1366 2.66GHz 8MB Cache CPU
Mobo: Not sure something with a decent on board sound card. maybe igabyte GA-EX58-UD4P MB
Ram: Depends on if i get a ddr2 or 3. I personally don't mind spending a bit more to get ddr3 maybe OCZ 4G(2x2G) DDR3 Reaper 1600 PC12800
HDD: Samsung 750G SATA II 7200rpm 32M Ill buy and second one when its needed.
PSU: Antec ATX TruePower 650W
Cooler: Master Hyper N520 Cooler support LGA1366
GPU: Gigabyte GTX285 PCI-E 2.0 1GB DDR3 Dual Dual-Link DVI HDCP Fan
DVD: LG DVD22X+- DUAL LAYER DVD Rewriter with Software(GH22NP10)

But feel to suggest upgrades or even downgrades as you wish
Also if you think i need a sound card we can add that in
Vista 32 bit
2 monitors 19 inch and 24 inch both run at 1920X1200
I am using to play games. I hate long load times and i run Xfire msn all my anti virus stuff ect on my 19 inch with the game ( in windowed mode if its the correct type of game) on the 24 inch
I more than likely wont be upgrading to windows 7
Future Sli is always a possibility
I want to use Nvid Intel Gigabyte where ever possible

I also will be looking at new speakers. I have my eyes on Logitech Z-2300 THX 2.1 Speakers System
Logitech Z-5500 THX Digital Speakers System is nice but twice the cost price.

Thanks for your help! Take your time reviewing I am in no rush to buy This new PC
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  1. if you are going with an i7 and the UD4P you will need triple channel DDR3 (in other words 3,6,12GB). so having dd2 isn't even an option.

    HDD: The house favorite around here are the WD Cavair Blacks in the 640GB models. They have higher platter densities than 750GB models and thus are a bit faster. Although these days any 7200rpm drive with a 32MB cache will do fine.

    if you want to future SLI with that GTX285, you are going to need a bigger PSU. I believe 850W of a GOOD PSU is recommended for 2 285's. The 850W Corsair or Antec models for instance.
  2. i might just buy a bigger psu when i buy a second 285. I wont be buying another 285 till they are dirt cheap. I dont thin Umart stocks taht type of HDD. So am i going to have to buy 6gig worth of ram even thought 32 bit wont be able 2 read 2 gig of it?
  3. oh gosh, I didn't even see that 32bit OS. Any real reason for that? Unless there is a specific pressing reason for you running 32bit Vista, just get the 64bit version.

    If you are insistant on running 32bit Vista then you will need 3GB of DDR3. Any more would be wasted.
  4. I would either go with XP 32 bit or vista 64 bit. Vista 32 bit is garbage.

    With an i7 board, you need DDR3. Triple channel is the ideal setup. You can go 3gb or 6gb depending on your OS choice.

    a 32 bit system will recognize ~3.25gb of RAM.
  5. aford10 said:
    I would either go with XP 32 bit or vista 64 bit. Vista 32 bit is garbage.

    With an i7 board, you need DDR3. Triple channel is the ideal setup. You can go 3gb or 6gb depending on your OS choice.

    a 32 bit system will recognize ~3.25gb of RAM.

    Actually less, because his video card alone has 1GB vram.
  6. The only thing is I have a vista 32 bit cd's ready to use.
    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic 64bit(OEM)purchase with Hardware Only
    Internet Price: $159.00

    Here is the main problem I am taking the hard drive out of this PC and putting it into my new one. Then i am putting the new Hard drive into THIS pc and giving to my brother. How hard is it to uninstall a OS and install a new one with out whipein the HDD? Also THIS PC works fine with 32 but as it's only 4gig ram. I need to make the purchase by at least Thursday for tax purposes.
  7. well if getting Vista 64bit will break your budget, just grab Windows 7 64bit RC, (if it's available down under, I honestly don't know)
  8. Then I would go with 3x1gb in triple channel. If you decide to upgrade your OS down the line, you can upgrade to a 3x2gb kit or something more. RAM is a relatively cheap upgrade.
  9. I updated my last post I dont mind buying the 64 bit. My only concern is I have read occasionally it isn't as compatible with some games. Also windows 7 wont be compatible with many games at all?
  10. Virtually every game that runs on vista 32 bit will run on 64 bit. There isn't much driver support for windows 7 yet. Software always lags behind OS's.

    Is it worth buying vista 64 though when windows 7 will be out in a few months?
  11. how much is 64 bit windows seven going to cost?
    maybe i should just stick with the 32 for a few months then upgrade to the windows 7 but ill buy the 6gig and wait for 2 months? Apart from that the hardware i listed is it all compatible?
  12. dont even think about 32 bit... pay the extra and get 64bit.. and wait for W7, it'll be worth it, and from what i've heard, they've fixed the stupid compatibility issues

    btw: good to see a fellow aussie on here :D
  13. Haha i often browse the front page head lines. Wouldnt it be a rather large waste of money spending 150 to get the 64bit just to upgrade to windows 7 two months later? I would prefer to put the 150 into a better sound system or even better hardware?
  14. that is a weak setup for $2000. you need to reassess your parts. i am building a system right now that is every bit as good as that, but $400 less.
  15. You need to remember that i am Australian so everything over here is that bit more expensive... feel free to go to umart.com.au and make something better for 2000
  16. oh i didnt see the part about you being an aussie. my bad!
  17. No problem mate! So can anyone see any place where i could change hardware or would they like to suggest a type of ram i should use? I think ill just install my vista 32 for the 2 months then buy windows 7 64 i have survived on 32 for this first 6 months of the year
  18. With the slim options available to you, I would pick this RAM kit

    I'm not real familiar with AU currency, but in comparison to the other kits, the price appears reasonable.
  19. Ah i forgot to mention you are going to need to mention its name the link just sends you to the home page.
  20. Ah, nice...Well, this is the RAM kit that I was linking to
    OCZ 6G(3x2G) DDR3 12800 Gold CL-8-8-8-24
  21. Yeah that ram looks fine!
  22. Also on another forum someone suggest a SLI 2 275's for better results i dont mind doing this. Will i need a bigger psu and what ones should i use?
  23. SLi 275's will easily beat a SINGLE 285, but SLi 285's will beat SLi 275... its all up to you, but id go with 1 or 2 GTX 275, better price for the performance
  24. hercules said:
    Also on another forum someone suggest a SLI 2 275's for better results i dont mind doing this. Will i need a bigger psu and what ones should i use?

    gtx 275 imo.

    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-275,2266.html <--- gtx 275 review and benchmarks. When this card is over clocked it comes close to running on par with the gtx 285.

    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-sli,2298.html <--- gtx 275's in SLI > gtx 295
  25. OK so I have been able to push it back to tomorrow or Saturday at latest. I made a few changed but I also managed to get some more coin so I can now spend 2500!.
    So this is what I went with!
    Product Quantity Price Gst Total
    LG H22NS30 SATA 22X+- Super Multi DVD Rewriter Black with Software $48.00
    Intel Core i7 920 Processor LGA1366 2.66GHz 8MB Cache CPU $392.00
    NZXT GUARDIAN 921 Side Panel Blue Led case $149.00
    Gigabyte GTX285 PCI-E 2.0 1GB DDR3 Dual Dual-Link DVI HDCP Fan X2 $970.00
    Cooler Master Hyper N520 Cooler support LGA1366 $75.00
    Samsung 500G SATA II 7200rpm $75.00
    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P MB $340.00
    OCZ 6G(3x2G) Intel X DDR3 1600Mhz $226.00
    Antec ATX TruePower 750W Blue $229.00
    Total $2504.00
    How does that look?
  26. I don't know that your PSU will be beefy enough. For GTX 285's in SLI an 850W PSU is usually recommended.

    Doing a quick check on NewEgg, your PSU *should* be enough but you won't have much headroom.
  27. Newegg is a great site, but not for the reviews. Not many that post reviews know what they are talking about. The gtx 285 in SLI will peak ~600w. That PSU has the needed adapters, watts, and amps on the 12v rails. Good choice. Looks like a good build.
  28. The PSU showed 4 12V rails at 25Amps each (if I searched correctly). having that many 12V rails is not ideal vs 1 or 2 really beefy ones, especially for the power drain of GTX 285's in SLI (40Amp req for 1)
  29. For a questionable quality psu, more rails can be problematic. Antec makes solid PSU's though. No problems with the multiple rails. Compare the corsair 750 and the antec 750. 60.5amps vs 100.8amps respectively. The corsair has a beefy +12v rail, but doesn't put out as much amperage as the antec.
  30. *Most* of antec's psus are solid, but not all of them are the best. this one is solid, but i'd still rather have 1-2 beefy rails than 3+ 'weaker' ones.
  31. the case.. the guardian 921... i think may be a bit small for SLi, especially of a large card (s) ... (this is just my opinion... :S) ... i was going with that, but have a look at the nzxt tempest... more room, cheaper than the antec 900 series, and has all the lights and side-panel too...
    bigger, harder to store, heavier, but LOTS cooler ([4x120mm,2x140mm] rather than guardian 921's 3x120mm)
  32. If you want to defer an OS purchase, go ahead and use the Windows 7 Release Candidate. You can get the license and download the .ISO for free from TechNet (Microsoft) over at: http://tinyurl.com/832nco

    The driver support is pretty much already there. Most anything, if there isn't a Windows 7 specific driver, you can install the Vista drivers and they will often work. Most games I have been trying are working in there. TF2, CS:S, UT3, Guild Wars, WoW, UT2k4, I even managed to get a few really old games going too. There are some issues with PunkBuster under Windows7 but the PB folks are already working on it.

    So, yes, there is already lots of support for WIndows 7, even though it is in RC. Micorosoft even has an official Windows 7 RC Support Forum located here http://tinyurl.com/9fhdl5 . They are pretty quick to respond to problem posts. The only real problem with using the RC for Windows 7 is that you can't upgrade from the RC to the final edition. It requires a full reinstall. So just make note of that in case you want to go that route. Also, make sure to get the license and download the ISO before August 15th, as that is when they are cutting off the downloads of it. Once you get it in, it will work until March 1st of 2010 before starting 2 hour restarts. The official is due out on October 22nd, so that means plenty of time.
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