N8800GTS 640mb crashing

HI, i have a great problem with my graphic card, untill today it worked fine but then my pc suddenly froze while playing World of warcraft.

At start, a simple restart was enough, and it seemed fine until i went to play the game again, this time Counter strike to be exact, yust after 1 minute or so i started seeing green lines and my pc froze up again.

After another restart , i started seeing colored lines before the windows started, after waiting for 45 sec to get to the login screen everything was slowing down with having 3 sec freeze time every 4 or 5 seconds, so , that was anoying enough so i went in using SAFE MODE, which was doing ok i guess. I uninstalled nvidia drivers(they were up to date) and after a complete pc restart i just reinstalled the original graphic drivers which i got with the card itself. For a while everything seemed fine , loging was great into Windows, even CSS game was played perfectly, i thought i fixed it for sure cause it worked fine with this original older drivers, anyway then i started World of Warcraft again, worked great for about 40 seconds then it all crashed again.

After that i was unable to get to the Windows login screen , simply because either my pc freezes or i get a blue screen for about 0.5 seconds, and the only thing i was able to catch in that short time on the blue screen was something with memory etc... didnt see the rest but my thoughts are that the game, aka WoW filled up my graphic cards memory and that *** kinda got stucked there without the memory being released. I think thats mostly because if i actualy get to the WIndows login screen its slow and it freezes every 4 seconds for about 3 sec period and i hardly manage to write my password in.

Also after many restarts i started noticing all kind of weard ***, as soon as i get to POST i already see green/colored lines over my screen and when it moves from POST all the letters and numbers on screen are changing all the time and flickering.

Anyway its just uber weard, Reason i think its not driver issue is since i already have issues at POST, or when i start my pc.

IF anyone has experienced this before or has any information on it please help me ! :)
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  1. Looks like the card has died:


    Before throwing it away:
    Run the system with just one memory stick in at a time to check that is not the problem.
    If your motherboad has an onboard graphics chip, use that instead, with the 8800 removed, it's not going to run games like the 8800, but you'll at least have a working computer. From there you should download and run Speedfan to check the CPU temperatures; 20C above the room temperature at a moderate fan speed is OK.
  2. Hey coozie7, thx for the reply, about the 1 memory stick , done that before already, but at least that link you posted was a big help for me. Apperantly the cards RAM went south on the rest of the card since i can very much compare the pictures given in that link and at what im seeing on my actual screen.

    Now that iv figured out the problem, thx to you afcorse, i read somewhere that nvidia made a whole wave of gf 8 series faulty and that people were able to return the bad cards and get refunded, now is this one of those cases? iv read that the faulty graphic cards in that series were suffering from the same effects i have.

    If anyone has a link for such post (iv forgot where iv read it) i would realy appreciate it. Thx again
  3. I'm fairly sure those were laptop chips, but if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will point it out.

    This works but read the whole thread before you consider this because it is a last ditch course of action and has some risks attached-both for you and your card.

  4. Hmm...this is unlikley but it might be overheating, also if the ram did go south, I am not sure, maybe on the internet it says how but maybe you can replace your video card ram.
  5. cant really replace the video card ram

    as for faulty 8 series video cards - we saw higher then usual failure rates in GF8's and 9's and laptop chips - absolute rubbish.
  6. The 200 Million dollars that nVidia forked out to their vendors went to cards made after the 8800gts 320/640 series, and mainly the problems are seen in laptops
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