Socket Problem? - Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 P965 775 (Version 3.3)

Hello, I recently purchased this MB from a Pawn Shop (ebay seller) but noticed that the Video Card "latch" was broken as well as a "nub" (best way I can describe on the socket "surface") to the touch (latex glove) its not smooth, and you can see the irregularity. I have yet to mount a CPU I'm still "gathering" parts for a build. Here are 2 pics of the socket, best I can do. I don't want to attempt mounting a CPU ... Do I have a problem here? :??:
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  1. Not with guts.
  2. excuse me?
  3. Hello, I posted the "links" for viewing, I've also recieved an RMA from Gigabyte for troubleshooting, so we'll see what happens. I'll post a conclusion ... plm
  4. There was a problem with the socket as confirmed by GIGABYTE it was corrected (under warranty) and returned ... now on with my build.
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