8600GT with my PC

Hey guys I'm just wondering if a 8600GT will work on my PC
My PC Specs...u think it'll work with an 8600GT ? I'm mostly afraid that the PSU will blow up ...what do you think ?
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  1. 300w PSU is recommended for the 8600GT, you are all set to run it
  2. well I read that it needs a minimum of 450W ... but the W aren't the only things that matter right ?
  3. I don't know where you read that but it needs no where near 450w. The 8800GTS needs 450w. I owned the 8600GT, it needs 300w. You will have no issues with your current PSU.
  4. What are the specs of the PSU? Usually there is a label on the side. Because honestly, I don't know that I'd waste my money on the 8600gt, if your PSU is capable, you might consider the ATI 4670. It would be a lot better, and is made for low power applications.
  5. The 8600 needs very little power to run, like ct1615 says, you're good to go.
    Just a point; Why the 8600? AFAIK the HD4550 has similar performance and superior HD/DVD decode.
    The HD4670 is more of a gaming card but should also run on 300W.
  6. sorry for not posting I was a little buse this days

    well ATI has very good graph cards and they don't consume that much cause they don't have all the nvidia bluffs and things like that , but most games nowadays are made to work better with GF cards, drivers , they have more options like crysis in very high ( just for an example I don't thing I'll be running it in VH anyway even with an 8600GTS xD ) , plus I found the 8600gts on a reasonable price ...
    BUT !!! :D I read your post and about the fact that 4550 has superior HD/DVD decode.... if u are familiar , u think that the 4550 could encode my vids better in the adobe programs ? cause I use them a lot ....
    and thanks to everybody for answering the PSU question :D
  7. oh god ... just read my post and I saw I wrote the 8600GT .... :( sorry guys I meant the GTS :)) .... will it work with a gts ?? sorry again :))
  8. ehm :( .. guys :( ?
  9. It should run, as long as the PSU is good quality.
  10. well I have a Lite-On PS-5301-08HF...
  11. It definitely will run. I've had a 8600GT myself and there's no way it'll consume 450 W or smth. Don't blindly follow the wattage frenzy out there. Ppl buildung systems with 1,2 kW PSUs just make me laugh. Really - in 95% of cases a PSU above 600 W is an overkill.
    There are some wattage calculators on the net, if you want to see the aproximate consuption of a setup.
  12. I meant 8600GTS :( sorry I typed wrong , but I think it would run fine with the GTS aswell right ?
  13. so how about it guys ? will a 8600 GTS work on my PSU ??? ... I just discovered that I have 19A on 12v rail .... and someone told me that it's minimum 22a.... will it still work ? or blow up ?
  14. Oh, yeah, right. If a PSU can run a GT, it will definitely run a GTS as well. About the 19 v 22 A thing... Not sure. I might try to check my old PSU, if I can find it somewhere. But it'll have to wait until the weekend.
  15. If you are planning on gaming at all you most definitely do not want an 8600 of any type. The card is over 2 years old and was never that good to begin with really. I mean, I guess it would do ok at modest resolutions with the setting turned down on some recent games but that's about it.
    At the least what you want is an HD4670 or a 9600 GSO 384/768mb(NOT the 512mb/1gig version).
  16. tulx said:
    Oh, yeah, right. If a PSU can run a GT, it will definitely run a GTS as well. About the 19 v 22 A thing... Not sure. I might try to check my old PSU, if I can find it somewhere. But it'll have to wait until the weekend.

    ok mate don't worry I'll wait

    jyjjv: well I found this one on a reasomable price ...
  17. What do you mean by a "reasonable price"?
    It should be a reasonable price because it's an old crappy card too weak to run current games... If your PSU has 19 amps on the 12v rail it should run an 8600GTS fine but it should also handle an HD4670 which is easily twice as powerful and can be found for $50-70.
  18. well I didn't knew that honestly , and I wasn't looking into buying a very powerfull graphic card , I only wanted to upgrade my 8500GT ( sucks badly ) and I think that for a start an 8600GTS is good , later when this card will fail and I will upgrade my PSU too , I'll look into buying powerfull cards ...
  19. I'm not recommending anything powerful or expensive. The HD4670 is the baseline to play current games acceptably. It's small, cheap, power efficient and over twice as good as the card you seem fixated on...
    An 8600GTS is a lot better than an 8500GT but it's still obsolete. If money is a real issue for you and the HD4670 is bit too much even an HD4650 will give you much better performance than an 8600GTS;

    Here is a chart so you can see how these cards compare to each other;
  20. oook ... and they both work on my PSU and motherboard ? (Intel G33) ?
  21. Yeah, 19 amps should be fine for either and your board has a PCIe slot so you should be good to go.
    Looking at the specs on your system you might want to consider throwing in another gig or 2 of ram while you are at it. Not a big deal but certainly nice to have and ram is quite cheap;
  22. well I had 4GB ram ddr2 800Mhz frequency ,but one of the sticks got broke , so this morning I put in the working stick ,after that I had 2 sticks that made 2gb togheter but 667 mhz , I removed them I have now that 1 working stick only , 3 free slots , anyway it's annoying that when I have to upgrade the rams I have to buy 2 identical ones right :|? I can't buy another 2GB DDR2 800mhz and just put it in cause the motherboard could annoy me ....
  23. and OMG ram is sooo cheap in america WTH ???? I paid 120$ for my 4GB ram last year :| ...
  24. ok ... put the card in evrything works just FINE.... just one question , didn't attached the SPDIF cable .....is that a problem ?
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